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Know What Is Seyblock?
Seyblock is a decentralized, secure escrow system, traceable transactions, and also as a news platform. Token based on XLM (Stellar Lumens) platform. The huge Seyblock displays progress of Stellar Lumens operating system, can be seen in its whitepaper, and it is a mainstay for its future vision and mission.

Background of Seyblock
Regarding issue of scalability that has existed since launch of Bitcoin in 2009. That happens because there is a limit on the maximum number of transactions that can be processed by Bitcoin network at one time. This is a consequence of the fact that blocks on the Blockchain are limited to megabytes in size.

Vision and Mission
Seyblock will provide the best Escrow services to prevent fraud and provide people with better services. They chose Stellar Lumens to launch Seyblock, because at this time Ethereum also has many problems related to scalability.

They proposed that peer-to-peer networks use SCP to record history of public transactions with limited inventory of 30 million coins that have ever existed. The aim is to provide a global solution to the problem of scalability of Bitcoin.

Features in Seyblock:
  • Fast Transactions
  • Cheap fees
  • Worldwide transactions
  • Powered by Stellar Lumens
  • Secure payments
  • Solving Scalability Issues

The Seyblock transaction is based on Stellar Lumens. Because it will have fastest transaction speed. Because Stellar Lumens is the fastest technology compared to other platform transactions.
Regarding transaction fees, if too many transactions are sent, the consequences are only 0.00001 XLM costs on network as a whole. Less than cost of Ethereum and Bitcoin and also a much better transaction speed.

System Security
Seyblock's security for other assets is very high, they have their own platform that allows you to have an escrow system that you can trade with someone or exchange products or coins/ tokens through our platform. So therefore people will be safe from fraud and illegal activities. So security can satisfy your needs and maintain you are connected with random people all over the world.

Announcements & Events
SeyBlock is proud to announce the start of an interesting program to reward loyal communities / supporters. Members get the opportunity to participate in various contests and at the same time get prizes namely SEY Tokens. This program is scheduled as follows:

Now the contest is to buy 1000 SEY and post a purchase transaction in the telegram group and get 100 SEY with a tip:
  • Buy 1000 - 2500 SEY = Bonus 100 SEY tip
  • Buy 2500 - 4000 SEY = Bonus 150 SEY tip
  • Buy 4000 - 5500 SEY = Bonus 200 SEY tip
  • Buy 5500 - 7000 SEY = Bonus 250 SEY tip and so on
This contest was announced in the official Telegram Group Seyblock, for related info please join the group.

My opinion
Seyblock provides Escrow or Rekber (in Indonesian mean) services in digital Blockchain world, requiring the trust of all parties to facilitate its business. Interestingly, the team did not run ICO, and the SEY tokens now exist in several large exchange platforms. A very promising project. I think with a strong team everything will change. The project will attract many investors, it is recommended to participate.

Seyblock Token Details
 Symbol  SEY
 Platform  Stellar Lumens
 Total Supply    30 Million SEY
 Exchanges  StellarPort, StellarTerm, StellarX, Ecex 


Token Allocation and Distribution

Other Information
Telegram Group:

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