PARQ | Creating Greenery and Solutions for City Areas

Know About PARQ
Parksen's PARQ token is a greening platform that connects and connects to cities that are publicly accessible. Programs included in Parksen platform are about public parking, greening city parks, and social relations between cities.

PARQ Tokens are Ethereum-based ERC-20 utility tokens that can be used and obtained in the Parksen parking application and Green, Smart & City Transportation Platform.

Introducing Video PARQ

Background of Establishment
Regulations in the urban environment are very important for several factors, which include parking rules, littering, road traffic, and social relations. Especially in big cities and very busy. So from that condition the team released a platform to help optimize the condition of the city, especially in the parking area.

PARQ is a creation of Parksen Parking, which is a fully functional and proven parking application that has been operating in the Netherlands since 2015. Parksen was built entirely by Eddie Postma, he is the CEO of Parksen.

Vision and Mission
Aim to use the area or open mapping in urban areas to provide an overview and information to team so they can see state of city traffic flow, and update device technology and can also invest in parking solutions through IoT.

Some features in the Parksen platform:
1. By using Parksen parking application, drivers can find, order and pay for their parking before leaving home. The application then guides them there following the fastest route possible.
2. Using Green Platforms, Smart & City Relations, cities, parking garages and companies can buy and integrate new systems and hardware enhancements from Parksen partners.
3. All types of users can obtain PARQ tokens by collecting and sending data on local congestion and pollution levels, availability of parking spaces and various surveys.
4. By using the Green, Smart & City Relations Platform, all users can obtain PARQ tokens by registering and renting their individual and company parking spaces.

My Opinion
Parksen carries the theme of greening and curbing urban areas with modern facilities, very new in the Blockchain world with that goal, even this is the first time I think. With this vision and mission, it is very useful in the current state of affairs in big cities, it needs to be addressed. So this is a very high-quality and high-potential project that will succeed because of its purpose.

By issuing PARQ tokens, which will become a payment instrument in it. And you can also have these tokens by buying in sales. Payment tools for purchasing these tokens can be through Bank, Ethereum, VISA, PayPal, Bitcoin, and MasterCard. For more information visit the official website,

Token Details
Symbol: PARQ
Type: ERC-20
Total Inventory: 1,000,000,000
Initial Token Price: $ 0.10 (Will change, along with sales level)
Hard Cap: $ 19,500,000


2016 - Q1: Parksen Cloud Application Development and Parking
2016 - Q3: Beta Testing from Parksen Cloud and Parking Application
2016 - Q4: Initial Steps and Private Funding from Dutch Government & Investors
2017 - Q1: Launch of Alpha Parksen Cloud and Parking Application in the Netherlands
2017 - Q2: Starting Research for Green, Smart & Connected City Platforms and Renting Additional Team Members Towards ICO
2018 - Q1: ICO Preparation, Website, Smart Contract and White Book Development
2018 - Q2: Starting from Pre-Sales and Public Sales
2018 - Q4: Starting IoT Device Development for Smart Parking Solutions and Preparing Offices and Expanding Teams for Global Expansion
2019 - Q1: Starting the Development of the Parksen City Beta Platform
2019 - Q4: Launches Beta from Parksen City Platform
2020 - Q2: Launch of Final Products in Selected Cities
2020 - Q4: Releasing Globally the Green, Smart & Connected City Platform

More complete:

Token Allocation and Distribution

Allocation of Proceeds from Sales


Further Information
Telegram Group:

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