FanChain | Sports Revolution on Blockchain Technology

You have to know, what is FanChain?
FanChain was developed by SportsCastr to be used on its platform and also on other affiliate sports platforms where fans will create value. SportsCastr's FanChain Ecosystem will include digital functions, tips, premium subscriptions, and pay-per-view, and enterprise-class SDKs that will enable technology to be integrated into existing OTT systems.

FanChain tokens utilize a unique combination of replaceable and non-interchangeable characteristics that allows team loyalty and affinity to be embedded in individual tokens, and which can be produced and delivered by various platforms through the DAP "printing" system. The nature of a decentralized and open ecosystem allows adoption by online publishers, fantasy platforms, social networks, sports teams, leagues, platforms (stadiums), over-the-top stadiums and arenas ("OTT") - both online and on location.

By using the SportsCastr live streaming platform, FanChain tokens can be paid to commenters who stream their own individuals to their respective fan bases, giving consumers television the choice to choose their favorite commentators.

The history of FanChain's founding
The Sports Media Industry lags behind the curve when it comes to providing innovative new ways to engage their viewers. Sports fans produce unlimited value for teams and leagues through content creation and sharing, but they are never valued for their work. Obviously, the role of fans as passive consumers is over.

The problem with the shift from fans as passive consumers to active content producers is that fans don't benefit from the value they make for their favorite team, and for other fans. Although sports leagues secure a record of high distribution transactions, and social networks generate billions of revenue from user-generated content, fans have not been a factor in the equation. With that we all teams work together to achieve that goal.

Vision and mission
FanChain provides a framework where fans are rewarded with tokens that can be used in the sports ecosystem where they contribute. By providing incentives to communities to contribute to social relationships for optimal sports experiences, wider audience reach is possible through personalized content for more niche markets. Through the contribution of quality content to sports ecosystems that can be carried out by users, positive feedback is made to encourage demand for higher quality content, which in turn creates more incentives for the production of quality content.

My opinion
Fanchain gives a new color in the sports community, the world sporting opportunity to participate in the world of Blockchain technology is finally achieved. Yes, Fanchain collaborated with Sportcastr, the world-leading live streaming platform that made it all. FANZ tokens have a fresh goal in the world of Blockchain, carrying the sports theme and live streaming platform. Very effective, sports fans in the world can contribute directly to their idols. Are you a world sports fan? Want to invest? Try it on Fanchain.

Token Details
Name Token: FanChain
Symbol: FANZ
Token Type: ERC20 with the characteristics of ERC721
Payment Accepted: ETH
Decimal: 4


Token Allocation and Distribution

Use of funds
ICO results will be used to develop the FanChain SportsCastr ecosystem including acquiring media rights to broadcast live sporting events, produce premium content, prizes for token holders (FanPrizes), platform development, operations, marketing, and legal fees.
Final details of the allocation of funds will ultimately be determined by the final amount collected, time and other markets and regulatory provisions.


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