KubitX | Biggest Crypto Exchange from Africa

KuBitx is one of the world's most advanced cryptocurrency trading platforms designed with a more efficient display to make it easier for novice users to make transactions on the platform. In the Kubitx system, advanced technology has been implemented which allows 12 million transactions to be carried out simultaneously in seconds.

The KuBitX team consists of a group of highly talented and experienced significant professionals from Fortune 500 companies and the "Big Four" consulting company. This team has the quality of not only motivating each other constantly but also complementing each other's work.

The idea was to create an exchange of cryptocurrency when the founders discovered a number of shortcomings that were still on the current exchange platform.

The following is a gap in shortcomings that caught the attention of the founders:
1. Lack of regulations regarding trade procedures that allow whales / whales (users who have more assets) to manipulate the prices of certain currencies so that they conflict with the interests of other traders. With this happening, most trading platforms currently charge a fairly high fee in transactions, so this is enough for us to pay attention to.
2. Often get liquidity in fiat currencies, in crypto assets is a separate complexity.
3. Lack of good customer support. Traders often complain about a bad user experience, which is less responsive in each user's response. For this reason, we can conclude that there are many platforms that lack full attention to user responses.
4. Security issues, in this case are very important, because many exchange platforms are successfully hacked by hackers.
5. Lack of awareness and real understanding on the Blockchain, which made the previous founders manipulate the market as they pleased.

From a broader perspective, KuBitX's vision and mission chose to focus on:
1. KuBitX has emerged with a unique initiative called the Global Channel Ambassadors, understanding and capturing the local markets of developing countries.
2. Increased liquidity. Liquidity is one of the most important pillars of every exchange. Many exchanges that experience a liquidity crisis cause users to be stuck with their currencies. To overcome this, we plan to involve the manufacturing market to build sustainable volumes on the exchange, reduce transaction costs and simplify system processes.
3. Strong security. Security is also the first most important thing that protects an activity such as crypto currency exchange.
4. Financial inclusion. Today's emerging markets, especially in Africa and Asia, suffer a large portion of their population outside the reach of the international banking system. So KuBitX will educate people how to use the Blockchain philosophy so as to increase financial participation.
5. Economic development of developing markets. At the macro level, emerging markets such as Africa have only experience of low GDP levels, high inflation and generally poor economic growth. KuBitX with extensive strategic partnerships with the private and public sectors, has designed an institutional investment plugin on the KuBitX engine to enable crypto trading volumes and capital trading functionality.

Token symbol: KBX
Platform: ERC20 (Ethereum)
Decimal: 18
Algorithm: PoS
Total Supply: 500,000,000
Accepted payment: ETH
Soft Cap: 10,000 ETH
Hard Cap: 25,000 ETH

TGE Details
Seed Ronde: Completed July 16, 2018
Pre-Public Round: 16 July - 31 August 2018
Public Round: TB





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