Daxico Cryptocurrency Exchange Review

Sorry, this project indicated that failed project, never deposit into this exchange, wait for further news.

Get to know Daxico Exchange
Daxico is one of cryptocurrency exchanges launched in January 2019. Their exchange platform is operating normally, you can visit it at https://daxico.com/
There has also been a decent trading volume for the age of exchange that is still new, display platform is user friendly, and not quite heavy.

For the team behind Daxico Exchange, they deliberately hid or did not openly display the team's profile, because of the team's security from extortion, kidnapping. And it is true, operating an exchange platform is indeed a greater risk than other businesses, because you could say it is like a bank, which is trusted to store important assets of users. But at the bottom of  Daxico website, written from Switzerland and some information, for an explanation of this team, please see their forum thread About their team

But don't worry if there is a problem or want to ask further, you can talk directly to their telegram group https://t.me/daxicoex or to support team.

Display and Features of Daxico Exchange Platform
Almost like any other exchange display, Daxico website displays a blend of light blue and white, making it pleasing to the eye.

There it says "FREE CRYPTO TRADING FOR THREE MONTHS" means free of fee when buying and selling at Daxico exchanges for three months, and this has already taken place, for sure this promo will end around March or April 2019.

This is  page display of trading account and trading page, to be able to access it, you must first create an account at https://app.daxico.com

It looks simple and easy to understand so that it will make it easier for users, for a complete list of coins and pairs, you can see it on Daxico Exchange main page.

For features also almost same as most exchanges, including:
● Includes popular coins that can be traded there.
● Strong account security, with multi-account and multi-user support. You can also transfer funds to other accounts at no cost. Your account's privacy must be secure.
● Easy to understand platform display, as explained above.
In addition, you can see other features at https://daxico.com/features

Daxico Forum
Daxico Exchange also provides a special forum, to make it easier for users to give opinions or ask about other things related to cryptocurrency openly. You can visit and register at https://daxico.com/forum/

To date, members are still fairly small, because it is still the beginning. But over time as Daxico's reputation rose, members in the forum certainly rose. Like most forum features, you are free to create related topics.

Categories in forum, you can see it directly on the forum page, including:

  • Announcements
  • General Discussion
  • Account and User Management
  • Wallet Issues
  • Basic Buy/ Sell Issues
  • Advanced Trading Issues
  • Peer-to-Peer Transfers
  • Suggest New Crypto
  • Feature Requests
  • Bug Reports

Token Sales
Daxico also participated in releasing and selling their own tokens, the symbol is DAXI. But it is not in ICO status, but they immediately open their trade on their platform. You can buy it directly on the website https://daxico.com/
DAXI Token will be used to pay trading commissions at Daxico Exchange. They don't have this function yet. That means website is also in development period. But for trading use, it's smooth.

Token Details
Symbol: DAXI
Price: 0.10 - 1.00 USD (See detail here)
Platform: ERC-20 (Ethereum)
Exchange: Daxico
Presale Schedule: 8 January 2019 - 31 December 2019

You can see official information of DAXI tokens is now on sale at daxico.com

Restricted Country
Daxico Exchange cannot now give users of following countries access to their platforms:
● United States of America
● Iran
● Cuba
● Syria
● North Korea

Support Menu
Some menus are also created like building an exchange in general. This menu contains additional information or opens the opportunity for other projects to register their tokens/ coins to Daxico Exchange.
Some support menus: Fees and Limits, Trading Limits, API, Liquidity, White Label, Get Listed.

Social Media and Contact Support
Don't hesitate to ask and give suggestions, you are free to ask about Daxico Exchange on social media or to support them below:

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